Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Boracay escapade 2/2

Day 3 (Sunday 7/22)
We went snorkeling and island hopping at 10am 'til 1pm. Yikes! At those hours, the weather was extremely hot...which was good. The sunlight glistened on the clearwater that at one time I was tempted to dip my hand into.

Other than the two boatmen (a father & son), Toby and I were the only passengers. That left us sitting on the opposite sides..for the sake of balance.
And gave us enough room to do some contemplation and enjoy the serenity of the view.
So our snorkeling started and I inhaled a dose of my medicine before I submerged. I had fun fun fun!!! (Really, I just have to say it thrice.)
I could only capture the underwater scenery and the school of fish by memory. I would have wanted to freeze the underwater moment into photos. I would really really love to take a pic on them (fishes) while flocking and taking small bites of the piece of bread I was holding. After snorkeling, we went to Crystal Cove.
Our last trip was in Mt. Luho. I dared climb the sturdy(?!) tower (I just don't trust its structure..and I fear heights!). I did not stay long and went down immediately.

The place provides a great panoramic view of the island but too bad, it probably lack funds for maintenance. Can somebody of enormous wealth or the local government sponsor for its improvement because it definitely needs one.

After Mt. Luho, we went back to 'our side' of the beach to (again) view the sunset and beachcomb.
That night, we dined; had pizza and mango shakes at Cocomanggas.

Day 4 (Monday 7/23)
We woke up early to stroll the beach for the last time for we need to leave Fat Jimmy's by 10am; to catch the ride for Kalibo airport.

Took pictures for the last time and we found a starfish by the shore.

Finally bid adieu to Boracay around 11am...exhausted, slightly burned, unscathed, and uber-satisfied with our trip. We thank the heavens for making the weather ideal during our stay.

The best part of the trip: He proposed about something...and I answered affirmatively.

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amor, i wonder what's the very special question that made you answered in the affirmative.. can't wait to curiousity drives me crazy