Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boracay escapade 1/2

We have been planning this getaway since April (of this year). We've searched the internet, compared prices and planned the itinerary. We were supposed to avail the Cebu Pacific "1.00 Php promo" but sadly, there were no more seats available for Kalibo. That never stopped us from pursuing our plans...so we decided to splurge, for we both love the place so much that going back there for the 2nd time is a MUST!
Day 1 (Friday, 7/20)
After the 30+ minutes flight, 2 hrs. of van ride (Kalibo-Caticlan), 10 mins. of ferry transport from Caticlan to 'the island', we finally arrived at late afternoon, around 4pm. I was soo excited to see the beach again, hear the crashing shores, and feel the white sand beneath my feet. So, we immediately went to see the beach and, just in time to witness the breathtaking sunset..
It was such a beauty and my "ooohs and aaaahs" were not enough to describe it. Toby and I were taking too many sunset pictures for our respective flickr account, haha..Of course, we won't settle for the sunset pix without us....
until the sun finally settled somewhere to give way for Mr. Moon and the stars to reign the night.

Day 2 (Saturday, 7/21)
Toby and I had this list of 'places-to-visit' as what we have gathered from the net. Too bad, some are just too far that tricycle drivers would charge us exorbitant fares and some, like the Shell Museum, no longer exists according to one driver.

Well, we decided not to follow the itinerary and as much as possible, negotiate with tricycle drivers and most of the time, gave in to their fare price demands which we have been accustomed after the numerous rides we had.

We went to visit the Butterfly Farm, ...and they have bats which Toby dared posing with. Next, we went sightseeing to a private resort, located at the opposite side of the island. 
Then late afternoon, we wasted time on our side of the beach, watching people, swimming, and sunset-viewing.

Much to my displeasure, my sneezing from the previous days practiclly aggravated to cough (with phlegm..yucks!), and I had mild asthma attacks which was such an annoyance. Nevertheless, those did not hinder me to enjoy my trip.

Before dinner, I had my hair braided to achieve that 'Bora' look, hehe..Haggled it at 200php, LOL!
That evening, Toby and I celebrated our 2nd year anniv at Boracay Steakhouse. (actually, 26th monthsary). The food was great and we chatted until 11pm past..then came the realization that we were the only ones left there and the waitresses were (obviously) giving us gestures that they are about to close anytime soon...but that didn't bother OUR moment..Toby and I enjoyed our dinner..and I think he was a little drunk after that for I gave him my share of red wine because I had sore throat and I'm afraid it will only worsen my condition.

After the heavy meal, we watched a reggae-slash-acoustic performance by the beach.
The good thing about Bora is that there are too many places to eat, d*mall, banks and ATMs.

We have concluded that July is the best time to visit because:
1) It is an off-peak season. Therefore, the place is not too crowded and not too deserted.
2) Room rates are cheaper.
3) Off-season is known to be windy but good thing July falls between the peak and off-peak season. I think peak season is sometime November-June, while the rest are off-peak.

.....post for Day 3 and 4 to follow.

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