Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

- Keep fit. I want a body like Gal Gadot's.

- Paint. I finally bought a 40x50 canvas hoping to begin the so-called 'masterpiece'.  Subject in mind is a lion or a female's face.

- Rewatch the whole Star Wars starting from the originals. I was lucky enough to catch Rogue One in the cinema last weekend and it was wayyyy better than the Star Wars' prequels starred by Hayden and Natalie. The Force Awakens is also something I need to check.

- Read more biographies for inspiration. I used to get easily bored with biographies. The first time I read a biography was in high school, about Princess Diana. This was before her death, just right at the time when her divorce with Prince Charles was all over the news. It was forgettable. The second and last time, happened eight years ago, was Barack Obama's semi-autobiography: The Audacity of Hope. The book was a gift and more like, I was forced to read it. I did try and barely made it to the first quarter of its pages. Currently, I am reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. So far, I enjoyed every page.

- Something big should happen. I feel that I want some change. Be it job or place to live in. I feel that it's about time since I am not getting any younger.

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