Friday, January 06, 2017


Apparently, I forgot to blog about the highlights of year 2016. As most people do in social media, the need to recall the major events or happenings of a year has become mandatory.

Well, better late than never. Here it no particular order.

- Amber turned 4 and after a year of living in Cebu, she set foot again in Japan twice this year (in April, just in time for Spring and in late October, before Autumn officially began). At her age, she understood the concept of me away for work but if she were to choose, she wanted me to stay with her. Of course, it breaks my heart every time she randomly says that because I knew she meant it and I knew it was possible. But here I am, 3,220km away from her and an hour ahead of Cebu.

Just a few of Amber's favorites: Shinkansen toy, a Frozen wallet and her handmade necklace.

- Getting older and wiser. Let me be clear that wisdom-comes-with-age does not apply to all people but little did I know that the ability to give a sound advice and opine with conviction are something I thought I would never be able to do. Well, I guess, being a mother and having enough work experience do pay off.

- Less busy with work allowed me to reenter the world of arts for the nth time. I have an on/off relationship with my art but hopefully this year, I will be able to come up with a masterpiece.

- Being alone is not for the faint-hearted. I do admit to have bouts of depression especially right after coming back from Cebu for a short vacation. Twice this year, it lasted for at least two weeks. I was hoping for homesickness to leave after a couple of days but it did stay longer. It was a difficult time for me because it affected my appetite and that no means of entertainment could ever lift my spirit. Surprisingly, it did not affect my work. I was like a robot and hated it. Good thing now I'm feeling well even if I just came back from Cebu three days ago.  Here's hoping I will be stable for the rest of winter knowing that being surrounded with grey and cold are depressing enough.

- Osaka was unforgettable. It was our first trip as a trio to the western part of Japan, and also our first time to stay at an accommodation booked via Airbnb in Japan. The latter proved to be a good experience leading us to use Airbnb in our future travels.

- Back with Nihonggo class since September 2016. Our classes are held twice a month. Not enough but it will serve as good practice for me. I knew a little Nihonggo but with my lack of usage, it is still poor. So, I decided to sign up because it was free and I was bored.

- The house in Mactan has become our official residence for a year now. It was expected that we will accumulate a lot of things, nonsense and toys in a year. While spending my holidays in Cebu, I made sure to wake up early (while Amber and T were still asleep) so that I could just have the whole small area by myself with a cup of milk tea and thoughts on interior design. I know, I'm getting older.

Next post will be my 2017 goals. 

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