Monday, September 19, 2016

On a serious note

For want of some little peace of mind, I have decided to delete my FB app in my phone. My account is still active but I just feel the need to take myself away from social media, specifically FB. Other accounts from other social media sites remain unchanged. Without the all too familiar letter F on my screen will, I think, discourage me from browsing the site.

The reason behind is politics. Ever since Philippines elected a new president, people have become a little too involved to the point of fandom. Though being aware on government issues and the like are beneficial to society, it is actually getting annoying up to this time. It is understandable to support a specific candidate but playing political analysts without proper research and spreading wrong information are unacceptable.

Call me not of the majority but it does not mean that I don't respect Democracy. I do agree to some extent of Duterte's war on drugs but I do think there should be proper investigation after. I am not sure how the Police file a report at every encountered killing but knowing how unreliable witnesses can be due to fear cannot be taken as truth. The reason you get often is the suspect was fighting back. Fighting back is a little bit vague considering certain circumstances. But hey, if all witnesses agree to this, it can officially become as truth. Other than that, his brashness may be natural for him but diplomacy and good manners are not difficult to achieve. At his age and experience in public service, those virtues should be inherent.

The whole political circus slash telenovela has so affected me that I used to always start my conversation with T about it. He said that he stopped caring. I, not even there, cared too much. Good thing it does not interfere with my work but at the end of working day, I browse and every time I read about politics in my newsfeed, which are many, instantly upsets me.

I'm getting way out of topic. The benefit I will surely get from forgetting FB is a much better focus on life. In 2013, I deactivated my FB account because I decided to focus on rearing Amber and work. It was effective and after a year, I reactivated because I want to get back with virtual connection.

I'll focus on art, work and Amber. Travel might be included in the future if time and budget permit. Earlier today, as I was walking on my way to the platforms of Inagekaigan station, I saw these local travel brochures promoting Hokkaido. In my mind, it reignited my want of getting there and see its wonders myself.

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Anonymous said...

I still haven't gotten the courage to delete the app on my phone, but I'm definitely working on spending less time on it. (I mainly 'like' pro-human rights posts to troll whoever anti-HR 'turds I still have left on my timeline, haha.) But yes, it's gotten so toxic and unhealthy--it's all so upsetting. IG seems to be one of the few social media platforms that remains politics-free.