Sunday, August 14, 2016

Five Random (vol.6)

It's been a long time since I last posted. The only reason for this is due to the fact that I kept myself busy with other things. For one, there's my book project (which is a huge improvement compared to last year's. We'll tackle more on a separate post), and there's my never-ending quest for the Arts. I actually created a separate blog just for that in Wordpress. ArteAmor

I was in Cebu for a week by the end of July. This was taken in Lapu-Lapu City (for Cebuanos, you'd know you are in LLC if you find the streets filled with multi-colored walls).

With a very short schedule, one of my many tasks at hand was to put up the wall project. The supports were from Ikea which I brought with us in May, and were installed sometime in June. I had been long wanting to filled it with photos so the one-week in July gave me the opportunity to do it. Most of the frames are from Ikea that I hand carried with me. Good thing they did not break. I hoarded frames from Ikea because they're cheap and lightweight.

Another part of our small house that was slightly revamped was the mini-library. I decided to arrange the books by color, and added my framed artworks. The frames here are all from Metro Ayala because I ran out of Ikea frames. When it comes to variations in terms of size in frames, Metro Ayala has better selection and more stock.

The light blue chair (a.k.a. the blue throne) was bought from Mandaue Foam way back December 2015. The pillow and its cover are from Ikea.

Of course, I spent quality time with Amber. At 4, she's a little grown up and chatty. For that whole week, we were late for school, haha. It had to do with the challenges of waking up, getting ready and breakfast. The setting was new to me all over again. Amber, like me, is not much of a breakfast eater but we want her to eat considering her tiny frame. Not that she's very thin, she's healthy but like any other parent, we encourage her to eat breakfast to gain enough strength and nutrients to get through the day.

And a week after my arrival back in Japan, I finally decided to buy a new laptop, a MacBook Air. My dear 10 year old HP laptop is still alive but can no longer connect to the internet because it's still powered by Windows XP, whose support had long stopped effective last year.

I saw it coming. Though an OS update would have been an option, I knew the time has come to purchase a new one. I would even have chosen an HP as replacement because the brand has proven its longevity and reliability but I'd like to try Mac this time, being an iPhone user myself. The reviews of Mac are all praises so I am confident Mac and I will go a long way, maybe not 10 years but hopefully it will be. 

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