Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hellos and Goodbyes

Goodbye (for the mean time): My Clarks ankle boots will retire for this season as the temperature is slowly rising to higher degrees. I so love this pair as these have served me well during rain, snow and sunshine. Now I am on the hunt for the brown or suede version of them. 

Hello: Since Monday, these Margaret Howell pumps (w/ 2 inches heel) serve as my official shoes for work. I am not a heels person so still working on a less akward walk.
Ahhh~~ Spring and flowers. Sakura is one of its highlights. I am ao glad that I am spared from allergy caused by pollens (a.k.a. Hay fever). 

Today, the 8% consumption tax took effect. Before, the rate was 5%. Not bad. At least I see where it goes to, and benefit from the tax money I paid for.

By the way, April is our (Amber and I) birth month! 

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