Sunday, March 23, 2014

Food Trip - Scallop Spaghetti

As part of my resolutions 2014 list, Sunday is generally regarded as a rest day. Meaning, just stay at home. I make exception if Monday happens to be a holiday though.  

One of my experiments is pairing pasta with anything. I kind of got tired by traditional spaghetti, so I found ways. Some ended with disastrous results (my tragic experience with Aglio e Olio). However, that experience did not wane my love for pasta but made me cautious on anything chili. 

Since last year, I started working around scallops as the focal point of my spaghetti. I've taken inspiration from the net and made a few adjustments.

 1. Pasta Spaghetti
 2. Scallops (preferably small)
 3. Parsley
 4. Garlic (sliced thinly)
 5. Butter (as substitute to oil)
 6. Extra-virgin olive oil (as dressing).

 1. Cook the pasta spaghetti until tender 'al dente'. Don't forget to add salt and oil in the water prior to bringing it to boil. (The oil helps to keep the pasta strands from sticking together.)
 2. Serve. We do it buffet style.
 3. In a pan, fry the scallops with garlic and butter until the scallops' edges turn golden brown. Then, serve.

Now for the plate serving:
 1. Put a handful of spaghetti on your plate.
 2. Add 1 tbsp. of extra-virgin olive oil on the spaghetti. You may add more as desired.
 3. Put some fried scallops and parsley.
 This has become one of my favorite concoctions I ever made. The traditional Spaghetti has taken a backseat!

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M said...

Wow that looks so yummy!