Sunday, January 19, 2014

Food Trip - Cafe R

We went to Aeon Mall in New Makuhari City yesterday to check what's in store. It is one huge, really HUGE mall that typing capslock is not enough to justify its size. The mall is divided into five buildings: Grand Mall, Family mall, Pet Lifestyle, Spa & Beauty zone, and Sports. 

Being with family, we checked the Family mall first. The shops are mostly dedicated for kids' clothes, furniture, toys and child-friendly cafes. 

For dinner, with a toddler whose appetite is difficult to predict, we went to Cafe R. 

It's not our first time at Cafe R. We've eaten at their Roppongi branch in September of last year. What I like most here is that they have menu for kids. 

Amber munching on a fried potato smiley. I chose this meal knowing (as mentioned) her appetite has become difficult to predict that choosing a tray meal with lots of food to select for her was the most rational choice. She ended up eating only the corn, some fries and  half of a fried potato smiley.

Our appetizer that doesn't appeal to my little one: mashed potatoes on salad and the most delicious chicken nuggets that will give McD's a run for their money. Seriously, I thought McD's makes the yummiest nuggets but turns out they lost to Cafe R's as per my standards.

Margherita pizza with a dinosaur-shaped seaweed on top. I am not so good at dinosaur specifics.

Pork Katsudon with another animal-shaped seaweed on top.

Child-friendly establishments are a plus for a mom like me. Staff are friendly, well, as expected from Japanese customer service. 

We have not fully explored the mall but judging from the numerous baby-rooms and awesome shops, looks like we will frequently go there. Sales are still up but I have controlled myself not to splurge on clothes this time because I do think I have enough to survive the whole winter. Instead, I focused more on my non-clothing personal shop-list. Just you wait when Spring springs!

As per research,
” Ribbon hakka kids” built “Cafe R” for families to enjoy and chat over a nice cup of coffee.
'Ribbon hakka kids' is a clothes and toy shop for kids.

Cafe R is located at 2/F of Aeon Mall (Family mall building).

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