Sunday, August 18, 2013

picture Sunday: Amber @ 16 months

both photos are too cute not to post
Much has grown on my little one. Her hair, height, wit and temper have grown exponentially since her first birthday. She easily gets upset whenever she feels I am too far from her (well, except for the above pic because she loves to eat by herself). Yes, she has been trained to eat by herself in daycare and it took us just recently to finally let her do it at home. We did try to let her eat by herself on several occasions but it tends to be messy afterwards, therefore we went back to spoon feeding. Since she prefers it over being spoon-fed by us, we let her be but of course, with supervision for she tends to fit all her food in her mouth at once.

Other notable developments is her love for stuffed toys. She used to ignore Mickey, Nemo and Anpanman. Lately, they have become friends except for Sorakara (bought her hoping she'll get amused by her star shaped hair).

Her love for the green shovel has waned. Though on some occasions, I saw her holding it but not for long.

She can't still speak 'mama'. Whenever I try to teach her, she responds 'papa', LOL! *no pressure tsup-chang*

She is quite active, sticks to me like a glue, and loves to be cuddled.

As much as I like looking at toddlers with full bangs, I don't think I want Amber to have it yet. I'm still enjoying the ponytail-on-top-of-her-head look

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