Sunday, December 02, 2012

Farewell, South Korea

Though I've visited South Korea several times as a tourist, it is in December 2010 that officially established my stay into long-term.

From December 2010 to December 2011, I spent it working for an engineering firm. It was fleeting and stressful yet I enjoyed it. As much as I wanted to continue working while pregnant, I had decided to free myself from work-related stress so on my 5th month, my stay-at-home life came into effect.

In the first half of 2012, I gave birth and got busy with motherhood that barely left any time to explore outside. When Amber turned 3 months in summer, I slowly reacquainted myself with life outside home and it started at the nearby park. Then we progressed to places that were already familiar but worth another visit.

my last week in Korea, in pictures (from top left):
1) I heart Green Tea Latte. It has been my drink of choice ever since my former boss highly recommended it to me.
2) Amber. Again, one of the many random photos I took of her.
3) I posted this in Instagram as a note to One Direction =P
4) Starry Starry night at COEX Mall.
5) Last stroll at Pyeongchon Lotte. Photo taken at Uniqlo (LOL!)
6) Returned to sender: T's perfume collection. Not a single perfume passed through without notice. 

Ten Random Things. 
  1. My first ever trip in South Korea was in Busan. That was in year 2006 and purely for business.
  2. In my two years of stay, I never jumped on the Korean wave bandwagon. Definitely it has nothing to do with age for there are far older people who are just crazy over them. 
  3. I have never been to Everland (OK, I passed by it on the way to Caribbean Bay), Lotte World, Nami Island and Jeju. Yes, I had the advantage and regret for not allocating at least a day for each.  
  4. South Korea gave me the coldest and longest winter in my winter history. I don't think I'll survive Canada as I've heard and read that temperature there drops at extreme negative degrees. 
  5. Fare and Cinema tickets are fairly affordable (compared to Japan). Food as well. 
  6. Most of the younger crowd and young professionals can understand and speak English. 
  7. North Korea's threats are scary but their attempts so far proved futile. I stopped caring because thinking too much about it can be really wearisome. I remember that it was a day after my birthday when the North satellite launching failed. On that day, people here in the South went on with their daily goings, as if nothing tragic was looming. I have personally observed this as I was processing my insurance documents at the nearby branch. Honestly, it did scare me as much as I tried to be nonchalant the whole time.
  8. I will surely miss my favorite Korean foods: GamjatangSamgyeopsal and Samgyetang
  9. Parks, big and small, can be found everywhere. I love them. I wish Cebu I.T. Park will spare a space for a park with a nicely made landscape where anyone can unwind and take shelter under trees.  
  10. This is where Amber was born. The first seven months or so of her life were spent here. She will probably not remember a thing but hopefully someday, when she's old enough, we'll get to visit this place again.
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Yes, it's been good two years.

Farewell, Korea. 'Til I see you again. 


Nashe^ said...

South Korea will miss you, I bet :) Wow I wish I could experience working abroad like this someday!

TheFaceGuide said...

I agree with you. Wish there were more parks here in our country. Not just malls. :| Btw I followed your blog. Hope you can drop by mine and maybe get a follow back? :)

Pretty/Ugly said...

Oh.. you're moving din? I'd love to live in South Korea. :)