Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Vector Project

For the sake of posterity, I am posting some of my so-called Vector projects which I have created with the help of Adobe Photoshop.

So, how it all started?

Partly boredom and partly out of a thread in a local forum wherein members post their digital artworks. Of all posted works, my heart fell for the vectors. So I searched the web for tutorials and came across Melissa Clifton's site and then to Lanitta's deviantart account. Both of their works inspired me more to make some myself.

In 2007, a beginner and too excited to just start and fill my DeviantArt account with artworks, I came up with these vectors. Lesson learned: Don't draw in bulk, and take time working on the details (the shoes, hands and eyes).

I don't know why I preferred my subjects posing this way, LOL! Seriously, I was thinking of making a blog header with a design in vector.

(from Top to Bottom)
 A drunk girl in LBD. My modern version of Holly Golightly (of Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Autumn outfit with her navel exposed.
Another girl in LBD.

Since I haven't been consistent with my vector-ing, my works are not as polished compared to Lanitta's =P

This is how I do it.
(1) I draw my subjects. (It has been my standard that my subjects are tall and svelte women).
(2) Take close-up shots of the drawings. I tried scanning but my drawing book is too huge for our scanner.
(3) I then start tracing the outline using pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. 

Now to the rest which I have created while pregnant. When Amber arrived, it left me no more time to create more.

(Left) I call this 'Gossip Girls'. Imagine these two at a society party, LOL!
(Right) Summer girls. But there's nothing Summer-y about wearing black tight pants! 

(Left) Dress inspired from Dior. I saw a Dior runway pic of Karlie Kloss wearing a sheer gown.
(Middle) Spring Fashion. The bag is Balenciaga. It was the most detailed vector of a bag I made, weee!
(Right) Amber and I. This went through a lot of revisions. Supposedly, the mom is holding a purse but I changed it on the last minute to a teddy bear.

(1) Learn using pen tool first before any attempts at vector art. Try learning fom web tutorials, ex. Melissa Clifton.
(2) Invest on a good drawing tablet (it need not be the most expensive one) because drawing using the mouse is quite difficult. Mine is from Bamboo.

There goes my erstwhile hobby. I have Rogue and Wonder Woman waiting to be vector-ed. I was even excited over the idea because I haven't done anything inspired by superheroes. I guess they have to wait 'til I have a whole day off which sounds improbable even in the years to come.


Jason said...

I love them! Wish I can learn how to convert my sketches into Adobe -- di kaya ng learning powers ko so far.

Pretty/Ugly said...

I love your work. :) Itried learning this but I failed... miserably. Can't wait to see more. :)