Monday, November 12, 2012

Autumn 2012

We need not go far to see pretty Autumn foliage for 'the nearby park' has trees turning yellow.

It's been raining lately so we made sure to drop by 'the nearby park' to take pictures before they all turn leafless. 

During Summer, whenever bored staying indoors, I with Amber (in her stroller) spent most weekday afternoons walking this path. The whole path is covered with shade so the penetrating heat of Summer sun was hardly felt.

Outfit shot! Blazer: Zara | graphic tee: Uniqlo | skinny jeans: Levi's | lace-up booties: Charles David

Closer look of the booties. The color is dark brown which I thought as black before purchase. I only realized it when the cashier brought out the box while paying in the counter. Oh well, it still looks like black anyway.

Amber's facial expression here reminds me of the numerous photos of myself as a kid with THAT expression, i.e. eyes focused elsewhere. 

The bag with yellow flowers design is my diaper bag. I stopped using this bag for a while because it doesn't look chic, LOL! Actually, I used my own bags as a diaper bag but with Amber getting bigger and her necessities getting bulkier, my bag leaves no more space for my personal things. 

I got the diaper bag from the hospital where Amber was born. It was sort of a goody bag because inside were a can of milk, diapers, two brands of sample baby lotions, wash and wipes. The goody bag actually saved us a week of Amber's consumption. And the product samples were the same products we buy for her since then.

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