Tuesday, October 23, 2012

style diary: oldies but goodies

So what I wore last Saturday? I know, this is not a fashion blog but I think, now that I'm not getting any younger, I need to share a frugal mom's sense of style (or the lack thereof). =P

Everything I wore were old clothes which I have purchased pre-pregnant days. The pair of jeans is a favorite of mine and it was my first time to wear it this year. I tell you, fitting into this pair was a feat! I had to keep fitting into it since 3 months post-partum and finally after 6 months post-partum, I can wear them without much struggle, LOL!

cardigan: Uniqlo | gingham shirt: Giordano | jeans: Levi's | shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins

Expect outfit shots to come. I admit, my personal style tends to be a tad boring but I like it that way. 

1 comment:

Pretty/Ugly said...

When the time comes or if ever I get pregnant, I hope I can reclaim my pre-baby weight as easily as you did.

Your style is not boring. I find it sensible. People can easily relate to you. Mine is notihng special din 8I just tend to wear super short things. Hehe).