Sunday, October 21, 2012

blowing off some steam

Just like any human being, I am with flaws. As much as I try to contain my temper or control them at acceptable levels, there are just instances that send my patience elsewhere thus setting my temper high. Add weariness and stress to that, it becomes a catastrophe.

No, I no longer blame it to hormonal imbalance. This is just pure human reaction to STRESS.

Contrary to what I had imagined, motherhood is never easy. If one thinks that all is just cuddling, burping and changing diapers -- well, that's not all. Motherhood tests your patience and changes your priorities. Of course, I was aware of possible low points to happen but I didn't expect low points to be so low or catch myself at the height of extreme stress that makes work-related stress pale in comparison.

I couldn't agree more to whoever said that you never fully appreciate motherhood unless you become a mother. It is a never-ending process. Once it begins, it becomes a lifetime responsibility.

To Amber: If Mama is cranky, please forgive her. She loves you dearly and strives daily to do her best on the role she chose to prioritize. She cannot promise you the world, but she promises to be by your side no matter what happens.

To the very person who should understand me, what I feel is normal and temporary. Comparing me to whoever-you-claim-to-be-so-perfect-at-ALL-times or Mother Teresa is not helping.  By the way, that whoever doesn't exist. 

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