Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food Trip - Tempo

On our first night at Crimson Mactan, T and I decided to shy away from dinner buffet at Saffron Cafe for the sole reason that the rate of  Php 1,650 per head is too expensive plus the crowd and noise will upset sleepy Amber; thus we preferred having dinner a la carte at Tempo (located just above Saffron Cafe).
We were probably the second group of guests to have arrived. With Amber comfortable in her stroller and the instrumental piano music as background, I assumed she'll probably fall asleep in no time. Her sleep was cut short when the lounge singer hit a very high note -- but good thing she didn't cry. 

Our dinner started with bread and a variety of spread: chicken, olive and the red one i forgot the name =P.

Compliments from the Chef: Pork Bourbon

Trio from the Sea

Tuna, Tanguige and Tilapia; table smoked.

Served with crab meat & turnip and Asian styled coleslaw (above pic).

The 'fish trio' were placed inside a glass jar -- that reminded me of candy jars at sari-sari stores -- was pretty unique. According to the waitress, smoke was supposed to come out from the jar but the interior lights were too dim that we barely noticed it.

King Prawns with Soba Noodles

King Prawns wrapped in soba noodles with vegetable tempura, sesame & soy sauce and fragrant steamed rice.

I was a little disappointed on the size of the king prawns for I was expecting them to be huge (or they could be the standard 'king' size for prawns). I could not even tell the difference between prawn and shrimp! 

For dessert, we shared this.

The Ice Crusher Trio

Three mini iced soufflé of mango, tableya and guava with a mango-chocolate, guava sauce.

Well, what do you expect from desserts? They are always too pretty to eat.

Service was superb. Food was excellent. The presentations of each food were all pretty. The ambiance is romantic with the dimmed lights and live lounge music. The pretty waitress was very accommodating and frequently filled our glass with distilled water. Price is steep, as expected from a restaurant in a resort but our bill was less compared to the price we would have paid for two persons in the dinner buffet.


Grace Alegonza said...

wow..the Ice Crusher Trio made me drool >.<

avagabondmom said...

The photos say it all! Everything looks tasty.

Nashe^ said...

I've never had a fancy dinner that started with a bread selection before :(