Friday, October 12, 2012

Amber @ 5 months

While in Cebu, Amber achieved the following milestones:

Her first food. 
She turned 5 months at the exact date we arrived in Cebu. I decided to start feeding her solid foods as suggested by elders to help her gain weight (not that she's underweight. They commented about how small she was and it annoyed me!)

The following days, I fed her Cerelac (Wheat with Milk). When we came back here in Korea, I bought her Beech-Nut and Healthy Times baby food in different flavors. I'm glad she is not choosy because I alternate different flavors every day. I was also surprised that she loves to eat to think she seldom leaves her bottled milk empty (it has become her standard to leave around 40ml of milk.) Since yesterday, she can consume half a bottle of baby food in one feeding.

Her first grand cake. This was served at her Christening's reception.
Cake was custom-made by Kusina Habana. I chose the cake's design from one of their photos in FB and requested them to change the colors to suit my fancy. Yellow and Orange. Orange because it's Amber! Yellow because I can't think of any color that would complement Orange.

Her first studio photo. It was shot by Banana Babies located at Banilad Town Center.

Her first pool experience.

Her baby neck floater is from Swimava. She cried by the time her feet touched the cold water until she started floating. Judging from her behaviour, I think she loved the feeling of water surrounding her. I could tell! Though her face didn't show any hint of excitement.


Nashe^ said...

She looks so relaxed, haha. The cake looks awesome!

Pretty/Ugly said...

Awww. I love the photo of her wearing bow headband.

The cake is gorgeous. ^_^

Timeless Confection said...

your little girl is the absolute cutest! and i can't take that gorgeous cake out of my mind...yummo!