Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food Trip - April Market Green Bistro

Initially, I proposed going to a Chinese restaurant for the sole reason that we haven't eaten anything Chinese for some time. While in the Chinese resto, we inquired if they have English menu or menu with photos (so that we'll just point at photos for our order). The waiter replied that they have none so we thanked him and left. As we turned right, we saw April Market Green Bistro beside it.

As if fate brought us there because we have never been to an all-organic restaurant before. 
And yes, their menu has English translation. 
The combination of different styles of chairs in one table does sound off to me at first but the more I look at them, it grew on me and changed my opinion about it.
The appetizer: Caesar Salad. The lettuce was served whole on purpose, so T had to cut them in bite size.
The pizza: Mozzarella Cheese Salad. I was surprised on how huge it was but we ended up with no leftovers. I was expecting the taste to be raw, like the way raw vegetables taste. The dressing had a zest of lemon and olive oil which I so like. The pizza bread so thin (thinner than the standard thin crust) was crunchy.
The drink: Green Grape fruit juice (mixed with cider) served in small pitchers. Mixing fruit juices with cider is common here. 

This type of dinner, if eaten regularly, will certainly help me in my current project: #balikalindog (Sexy Back) but I don't think greens consumed on a daily basis will have T's approval because he just told me he is not on a strict diet.

April Market Green Bistro
B1 Lotte Dept. Store
Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
431-080, Korea
Tel no. 82 31-8086-9053


Nashe^ said...

Why is the lettuce like that, though? 0.o

amor said...

That's how they serve it, with scissors.

✿ Cess ✿ said...

Hi! im from GT i followed your yummy blog pls follow mine too