Saturday, September 08, 2012

circa 2006

Multiply is closing soon. I read they will be serving online sellers exclusively. I remember that there came a time they became way popular than Friendster, that is as per my age bracket crowd then. Maybe because users can personalise their profiles (though Friendster was capable of that as well), set their accounts to private, and hold as many albums as they want.

Other than Friendster, I used to blog there in an express manner. Express because the first two posts I made were mere three-sentence or less paragraph that if by present standards, it equates to a status message in Facebook.

Lest I forget, for the sake of posterity, here they are:

Aug 2, '06 6:39 AM
for everyone 
first post!
8.02.2006. signed-up for
i'm a part-time shutterbug..check out my photo portfolio..i'm light-years away to becoming a Pro.
As if the need to tell the world as to when I signed up for Multiply, I really made a post about it and professed my love for photography (i don't even own a DSLR at that time).

Sep 21, '06 2:07 AM 
for everyone 
KKO trip was a blast!!!
Will post pictures soon.
KKO (Kyoto, Kobe & Osaka) trip was the best summer vacation I ever had!!! Though my feet were aching after the long walk and sightseeing...kevs! I had one of the best times of my life!!! hehe. So what's next???
And yes, I abuse my right to punctuation marks. Love them in threes.


Nashe^ said...

I couldn't be arsed to use Multiply but Friendster hosted my first blog!

Pretty/Ugly said...

Them old Multiply days. THey're deifnitely going to be missed. :)