Monday, August 13, 2012

Cafe Sunday: Lucycato

It rained all day yesterday. In spite of the awful weather, T and I brought Amber to the hospital because of her rashes (red bumps around her neck and mouth probably caused by drool from her teething). Though it was not causing her itchiness or inconvenience, I was still worried and just wanted those rashes to go away. To our disappointment, the pediatrics section was closed. We thought they are open even on Sundays.

(The hospital on topic is the maternity hospital where Amber was born. They have pediatricians for consultations.)

Knowing her rashes are normal for infants as what I've read in baby forums, I suggested to T that we go to the nearest pharmacy and ask them for recommendations. We did and the pharmacist recommended a nappy rash ointment. I clarified from him if it is safe knowing this ointment is applied on baby's bottoms. He answered that it is safe. I trust him -- though not entirely for I had thought of taking a photo of him or record his statement should the ointment cause adverse effects on Amber.

Our errand was done. It was too early to go home so we headed to Lotte to window-shop. As always the case, we ended up shopping since there was an ongoing sale.

After some shopping, we decided to rest at Lucycato for refreshments and to feed Amber.

Clockwise from top: Lucycato interior; our orders: Iced Green Tea Latte, Strawberry Yogurt drink and macaroons; ghost chairs, and Amber looking serious.  

Their chairs reminded me of Philippe Starck's ghost chairs. Lovely interior but some might find its location not favourable for reading because it is just right next to Lotte Cinema's lobby of exits. But having seated near there, the noise from moviegoers passing by was bearable because we all know that people don't (normally) loiter near the exits.

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