Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yay for passive boredom killer

Since reading books and other active forms of boredom killer prove to be difficult in my current situation (Amber and her endless demands), I have decided to shift my source of entertainment to a passive boredom killer -- the Television. I am so glad that our cable provider has numerous channels in English but it doesn't have CNN or BBC. Anyways, the internet can make up for our cable's deficiency. And besides, who wants to watch news (mostly bad) when I have more important things to attend (read: Amber and her endless demands).

One of my recent addictions, aside from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, is 'Revenge' - a new TV series. It airs every Thursday evening in OCN channel at 11pm here in Korea. The plot is very familiar and popular among Filipino telenovelas so it will come as no surprise if a Filipino production will air soon titled 'Ganti' (Tagalog for 'Revenge').

Still in entertainment-related topics, my enjoyment in watching wrestling (WWE) has resurfaced after 18 years. We all know that the actions involved are choreographed, the feuds are scripted and the results predetermined but still I find it entertaining. In the mid-90s, though with zero technical knowledge, I was an avid fan and even bought posters of my favorite wrestling superstars. I eventually grew out of it in college. In hindsight, I could not believe I wasted money on wrestling posters. A poster then costs 20 pesos -- what was I thinking? 

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