Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ulsan files# 2 Last cup of Milk Tea at Beans Bins

I have to say my weekday afternoons that Summer were never boring. Since my husband works practically the whole day, I am left with roaming Ulsan alone (not much to roam, and easy to explore). For half of July and most of August afternoons, I dedicated them to Nihongo study at coffee shops. And of all the many cafes near University of Ulsan, my favorite is Beans Bins.
BeansBins (Ulsan)
uhmm.there's a small night market at its front.
Blueberry Chocolate Waffle & Milk Tea
Unfortunately, my fave was not available. Above: Blueberry Chocolate Waffle and Milk Tea
Besides coffee, no.1) They serve waffles. Waffle at coffee shops is quite popular in South Korea. I bet they've tried every imaginable fruit or syrup to put on it. It's the usual Belgian waffle with fruits, syrup, cream or anything on top -- which makes it special. I personally like their Organic Blueberry waffle.

Besides coffee, no.2) Hi-speed Wifi is free. Some coffeeshops offer free Wifi but require passwords to connect to their affiliated networks -- sooo not convenient to me.
BeansBins (interior)
The 1st floor. Most prefer the upper floors.
Besides coffee, no.3) This particular branch has three floors with lovely interior. I prefer the 2nd or 3rd floor because noise is less (though sometimes, kids wail and run around). It's amazing for I can get away with just one coffee while studying the whole afternoon. I was expecting to be kicked out anytime due to this behavior but they never did. Seriously, I see no reason for them to do that for I am a very good customer.

With all afternoon spent on studying, I should pass the exams =P.

I thought my Ulsan files will at least reach five. It seems I've been too busy with things other than blogging. In reality, I no longer spend too much time in front of a computer. My previous job involved a lot of computer use and when boredom strike, it (computer) was one of the best inventions to kill it.

Since becoming a bum, TV replaced computer as my buddy. Other than TV, I was busy with exploring Ulsan and like i mentioned, Nihongo study. In spite of the sweat that comes with the slightest movement inherent in Summer, for me, it was the right time to explore this city. And like i said, Ulsan is easy to roam and honestly, not as exciting as Seoul, I got bored and often switched the TV on.

This is my last post about Ulsan or let's say, what I did in Ulsan. October will be spent in Cebu and I'm sooo looking forward to seeing my family and friends again. 

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