Thursday, September 16, 2010

that summer..

I know it's still all sunny and hot but I feel autumn is slowly pushing summer away.

Ok, the purpose of this post is to list all the things i did in summer of 2010. Here it goes.

1.) Bum(-ing) around. While in Ulsan (currently not there), my day would usually start at 10plus in the morning. Right then, I start my domestic chores. Take lunch at random affordable restos because i don't cook that much. After that, I'd stop by Beans Bins for my afternoon cafe latte, and to study (while taking advantage of their free Wifi, hehe).

2.) I am at my heaviest record now (49kgs), and I.DON'T.LIKE.IT. I (tried) totally shunning out pork (which is impossible since most Korean dish involves pork).

3.) Finally finished my Minna no Nihongo books. I practically spent the most of my afternoons studying. And I just recently applied for JLPT N4 in Seoul last Monday. I'm reviewing Kanji and Listening skills (the latter proves to be quite difficult for I haven't been communicating with Japanese people since July). My only hope that in the coming exams, I am not the only foreigner in the room.

4.) Watching K-pop videos. They have this weekly countdown on TV. As a keen observer, K-pop girl bands often dominate the charts. Not surprising. Other than their songs are catchy, they target both genders. Boys find them pretty and probably, fantasize them; and girls love 'girl power'. Usually, they are composed of four members. It is imperative that at least one member is capable of belting out the high notes, another member can rap (if not all), and all can do some basic cirque du soleil.

Case in point: 'Bad Girl, Good Girl' by Miss A. 

They are werqing it. Their butts are sticking out.

5.) I began loving CSI. I've watched CSI before but it is only last July that I feel it. It definitely has to do with being a bum. TV is my friend.

For next week is Chuseok (a harvest festival in Korea), I am quite excited.

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C. said...

I like your little analysis of Kpop, you're so right (to me, at least :p). Good luck for your exam anyways ^-^