Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'll sleep when I'm dead

It's another holiday this coming Monday. According to my Japanese officemate, it's a national holiday -- Health & Sports Day. (Wow. We don't have that in my country).

Let me check: Saturday is already full of to-dos; Sunday, T will leave for Korea; and Monday, zilch. It's highly likely that Monday will be another book-reading day for me -- which, I think, would serve my books good for they are slowly gathering dust at the corner of my room. If only they could talk, they would've screamed at me to get my attention. Or if only they could walk, they would have walked out and went back to Maruzen. And before they do that, they will count to ten (to give me enough time to reconsider the consequences for not begging them to stay)... [snipped for reality]

Speaking of the read ones, I have assigned T to keep my books for the time being (not in a Librarian capacity but more like a Custodian). This would mean he's not allowed to lend them to others, sit on them as alternative to chairs nor throw them at whim. I am hoping that he'll buy a shelf and share the space with his growing collection of toys.
the new ones

About my book-shopping hiatus, I was unable to keep my condition (of "until my inventory of must-reads drops to two") prior to buying new ones. Last month, I had had four unread and found myself scanning the shelves in ABC Roppongi. Apparently, the temptation was hard to resist and the next thing I knew, the cash register took my money.

I aim to read a total of 40 books before 2009 ends. It should've been 50 but the possibility of achieving the target is remote (considering the number of days left before this year ends).

As for Monday, I will rule out sleeping (the most of the day) as an option. Sleeping counts as 'doing nothing' in my thesaurus, and I don't like doing nothing unless there's a valid excuse.


Kikit said...

40 books before 2009 ends! wow, that's pretty cool! just wondering what you do with your books after reading them. do you sell them at a discounted rate? i'd love to buy some. :)

amor said...

^^Hehe..I keep them. I don't intend to sell them until e-books rule the world and books become antique. I'm marking the price 5x (or more) than its original retail price. j/k.

Seriously, I just collect them and read them again in the future.