Friday, October 16, 2009




I am currently re-learning Nihonggo. I used to attend lessons twice a week back in 2007 (and even blogged about my lessons. Those posts were already deleted). If only I were a bit less lazy and indignant, I would have been good at it by now.

Anyway, enough of the regrets, I am pursuing it as one of my pastimes. It will not at all compromise my other interests.

Why now, Amor?

I read a blog of a Canadian working as an ESL instructor here. She was so motivated to learn Nihonggo and eventually, end up being so good at it. I was floored by her cunningness. She learned the language at such a small span of time -- and to think I've worked here longer than her. One of the contributing factors that really helped her was the fact that her room mates are locals (Japanese nationals), and she admittedly prefers them over foreigners. Good strategy though.

Not that I'm going to follow her strategy because I love having my apartment by myself. =P

Seriously now, main reason why I want re-learn Nihonggo is because it would make this whole sojourn more worthwhile. I mean, having lived and worked here since 2004, I don't want to part ways with just memories of people and places I went -- frozen in mind and photos. Knowing the language would be the most awesome I could get from this country.

I am not rushing myself to learn everything in a certain period. I'm quite confident with my writing. Now, I want to enrich my vocabulary. My stock of words is not that many. So, there. がみばります!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

oh wow, what an inspiration. Actually, my mom used to teach me Cantonese during my younger years, but eventually, I forgot how to speak it.Maybe I'll make it a project to relearn Cantonese too. =)

Anonymous said...

Well, that definitely sounds like a healthy outlook! Good luck to you!
I hope to do some intense language-learning when I go to Singapore. I'll start with improving my Chinese, and then see if I can't learn more Korean and Japanese as well through my travels.

Kikit said...

Hey, I've been here since 2005 and my Japanese is probably as worse as yours. When it comes to language learning, I guess it doesn't matter where you are. What counts is how often you practice it. Have you taken language proficiency tests? It might be an effective motivation. :)

じゃ、いっしょににほんごをべんきょうしましょうか。 がんばってね。

amor said...


I actually found a community organization nearby that offers free Nihonggo Lessons. All I have to do is pay for the membership fee (and participate in their activities). They found me a volunteer teacher and we'll start the session by next Thursday.

I haven't taken the JLPT yet. No plans as of the moment. I am more keen on learning the conversation and let's see from there. Maybe, next year.