Wednesday, August 12, 2009

breaking the ice while eyeing the blue umbrella

As I was waiting for Christy (my lunchdate) at the hallway, M-san (my project mate) -- whom I bumped into earlier at the reception area -- settled himself by standing a few feet from me. We exchanged smiles. Then silence followed.

As what I would have called my saving grace in that awkward situation, Christy appeared and signaled me to wait some more for she had to drop by the ladies' room.

It's not that I don't like him. He's friendly, actually. It's just that I can't seem to find anything to talk about besides work. And talking about work on break time seems inappropriate.

I glanced at M-san. He appears to be waiting for someone, and knew that I was waiting for Christy. So, I asked.

Are you waiting for A-san and F-san?
(his lunchmates for sometime)
No. I'm waiting for another one.

*cricket sounds* Still, no Christy.

You know her
(Christy) husband?
*nods* He works for IT.
ahh..What's his name?

me: ask her.

I do know her husband's name. It's just not for me to answer the question. I just had to end there because one question eventually leads to another. And knowing Christy, she always preferred her lovelife to be discreet.

*five seconds or so passed*

M-san: My cheeks are...(while touching them)
(yes, I can see that his face looks bloated)

You should go to the clinic.


He reached for his pants' left side pocket, and showed me the sample medicine he got from the clinic.

Finally, the person he'd been waiting for came and off they went. Just in time, Christy came and I asked her if it's OK that I borrow one of these idle umbrellas (my hand already on a blue-colored one). Been eyeing on them (they were many to choose from) while waiting for her and having seen the sunny weather outside, I badly need one -- for I hate squinting..and forgot to apply sunscreen. =P

And, of course, I returned it at its exact place. I'm pretty sure that the (nameless) owner won't mind if I borrow it again tomorrow lunch and so on.


The Demigoddess said...

Idle umbrellas? Like there are umbrellas everywhere for you to use even if it isn't yours?

amor said...

^^yup..some employees leave their umbrellas at the rack. Some people (including me) use and return them back. =)