Saturday, July 04, 2009

From 101 to 203

There are only a few things left in my old room. Somehow, i managed to finish moving 80% of my stuff.

Not that it takes a lot of effort because all i did is transferred my stuff from ground floor to the 2nd floor. It took a LOT of effort! I did all the moving by myself!? I couldn't even count how many times i ran back and forth! I woke up at 9am to start the activity, and missed lunch that prompted me to stop at 3pm to go out and eat at Ppr Lunch. Resumed again at 7past and ceased doing before 10pm because if i keep going, the neighbours won't like it. Must reach 100% progress tomorrow.

It all started mid last month. {Flashback} D, a Filipino officemate, lives in rm. 203. She was scheduled to return for Cebu on 7/03. Considering this and the recent 'theft' incident that happened last pre-Golden week holidays to my Chinese neighbour (whose room is a room away from mine), our agent sent me an email suggesting me to move to D's room right after the day of her flight. According to our agent, it is safer for a lady (ehem) to live on the upper floor. {end of Flashback}

So, i did. And i don't know where my Chinese neighbour is. I think she/he (obviously, i don't have time to mingle with neighbours) moved to some another apartment building. I realized that i was the only person remaining in the groundfloor rooms because the mailboxes of my supposedly neighbours were all sealed.

Funny is that way back 2007, my previous company mandated girls to transfer to another apartment building which is closer to Kasai stn. --- to which I vehemently rejected. I defended myself by sending an email to them, stating my reasons of refusal to the point of citing the inexplicable emotional attachment I had to the room. True story. More so than the 'inexplicable', big major reason was my laziness to go through the packing and unpacking =P.
Now, I'm blogging at my new room! I love it here because it comes with a new companion, a pet fish (Whitey) that D left. I was hesitant to adopt the fish at first

because I'm a cat person. I feared the responsibility that comes with it: cleaning its crib, feeding, overfeeding, etc.

Two nights ago when I went to D's room, she told me that even if I don't adopt it, she intends to leave it there and decide for myself the fate of Whitey. In short, i have no choice. Flushing it down the toilet is just unimaginable and I would be sooo heartless if i do that. (Supposedly, she was to give Whitey to a friend of hers. However, D's friend was in Phils., leaving Whitey no owner).

When I went to check Whitey last night, it seems friendly and responsive to my gentle knocks at its aquarium. It likes me.

P.S. Part of my summer agenda is to buy Whitey a bestfriend.


Nashe^ said...

I can see Nemo!!

Oh. I can't stand fish, really. They keep dying on me.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

So I guess Whitney is staying with you for good huh? Get whitney a playmate that way she won't be so lonely. =)

Ella said...

I see Nemo too! Is he not real? Just ask the pet store what fish could be Whitey's friend or the new fellow might just eat her up! She looks small and cute :)