Monday, June 29, 2009

white chocolate mocha is for kids

After going to M bank yesterday (i know it sounds impossible but this bank opens every first and last Sunday of the month), I went to SB which is just a block away to have lunch and read a book. I normally follow this routine because having gone that far (Suidobashi), an approximate 45 min train ride from Tsudanuma, the least I'd be doing is hop on a train bound for home =P.

Settling myself in a comfortable seat with jazz as background music, I opened 'Sputnik Sweetheart' and engrossed myself with its story. Once in a while, I took my eyes off from what I was reading to ponder on the metaphors that K shared to Sumire, and often, got a glimpse of passers-by outside with their umbrellas. It was raining.

After some chapters, I decided to go home despite the rain outside. I got on the train for Tsudanuma and instead of sleeping to kill time, I focused on the fading view outside that speeding trains produce. It was not a rush hour, thus, there were not many passengers inside and thus, the fading view. I decided against reading the book inside the train for I don't usually do it and the fact that I just can't do it, lest i go blind or cross-eyed for doing so.

45 mins or so after, it was still raining when I reached Tsudanuma. Not heavy though.

Not wanting to go home yet, I went to Maruzen bookstore and browsed at books. I don't know, there's something comforting about just browsing and reading their synopsis at the backpage. I avoided books by Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon and too romantic novels -- too sappy for my liking. As predicted, like I always say to myself, a simple shop-browsing eventually leads to a purchase. I bought books from Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), David Sedaris (When You Are Engulfed in Flames) and Kazuo Ishiguro (When We Were Orphans). I haven't read any of their works in the past so I'm quite excited.

After the mini-book shopping, it was still early but the clouds outside look grey and gloomy. Rain was still pouring.

Not wanting to go home, I end up in SB (again), the one nearest to my apartment. This time, I ordered white chocolate mocha and to my dismay it was toooo sweet! Like 'tonsiliting' sweet! Regardless the awfully sweet drink, I immersed back to the world of K, Sumire and Miu. This time, they were in an island part of Greece. Miu called K to come and help her search for Sumire, who vanished without a trace. It was quite complicated.

That night, i made it to the last pages of the book. Murakami (the author) made sure to let the reader guess, and successfully gave me insomnia (adding the too much caffeine and sweetness I had the whole day).

I am 100% sure that at the last few pages, K was just dreaming about his phone conversation with Sumire. He did thought about it being just a dream but was convinced after checking the moon outside which is exactly the same description Sumire gave.

This i'm not sure but an assumption, Sumire committed suicide by jumping off from a cliff. Her remains were unfound because the sharks ate it, leaving not even a hair strand.


Nashe^ said...

WOWZA! I haven't had the time to Murakamify myself yet, perhaps I should start.

Ella said...

I should get your book list, really. Although I already stopped reading Nicholas Sparks and Sidney Sheldon, i guess their effect is just everlasting! lol. What do you recommend I read just to shake off the remains of that effect? =)

amor said...

You try him. I have already read two of his books -- so far, characters are depressing but that's the beauty of it =)

I have totally banned both. In case of Sparks' books, too sappy --- he writes like a girl. I mean, maybe he's one overly romantic guy. As for books to recommend, try as many authors as possible(best-seller or not) to gauge for yourself which suits your taste.