Wednesday, June 03, 2009

five years of independence-slash-solitude

It's been five years and a month since I first settled myself here. This place has been my home, actually. I never thought I would linger this long when it all started only for just a year of training. My previous company assigned me here last March 2004. At age 23, it was my first ever trip abroad and of all places -- here. Like any other first-timers, I made sure that I get to as far as possibly my feet would allow and take as many pictures 'til my memory card can no longer hold --- during weekends.

Last year, I decided to resign from previous company, and accept the offer from the company to which i'm currently employed. It was not easy -- a lot of drama was involved between me and them. Now, all of that is behind me. I am proud to have done it inspite of the obstacles that I have to go through.

For five years now, people normally assume that I can speak the language with fluency. Little do they know that I know next to nothing. I did attend Nihonggo classes two years ago which my previous company sponsored. Our sessions were scheduled twice a week. I was partly enjoying it and for the first few months, diligently studied the lessons -- writing and reading Katakana and Hiragana. Unfortunately, it didn't last. It became too much of a pressure that led me to decide of dropping from the class to concentrate more on work and my obsession over photoshop -- my erstwhile hobby =P

I left whatever I learned behind (and kept the basics) and completely assured myself that it is not necessary. Having survived this long in this foreign land, I'm partly right.

Also, within those five years, I have completely abandoned my supposed to be calling: The Accountant. Though at first I vowed to go revive that career but looking back now, it's not worth it. I am quite satisfied to what I'm doing now --- it's the type of job that allows me more room for improvement.

It's funny how Providence leads you somewhere -- that sometimes, it's better to let it decide when everything seems beyond understanding...

And like any other journey, this (too) is bound to reach an end, and for another one to begin.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You have to teach me the PHOTOSHOP BASICS! huhuhuhuhu...It's driving me nuts! lols...anyways... I really admire you for following your passion in life instead of becoming an accountant which was your supposed plan after college probably. Working with a passion is always the best as compared to working and working but not loving what you're doing.

amor said...

Mel, you can find a lot of PS tutorials in the net. Try this site:

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

yipee thanks! I'll check out that site soon. thanks so much. mwah