Sunday, April 05, 2009

too much reading can kill

Reading books is deferred at this time not because of NoKor's rocket launching over Japan, but because work requires me to read more about the new project (like, procedures and specifications). So as to save my sanity, I'm taking a break from my 'personal' reading list --- or else I end up mixing Edward Cullen to Tender conditions.

Since my arrival back in JP last Tuesday, my work has been giving me more lax time than I wanted. My boss informed me that demands of work are expected to be high next month, and might include working on holidays and Sundays (sounds like a precaution to me). In other words, they're fattening me up for slaughter.

Moving on...

NoKor's 'provocative' action is, again, putting them to UN's attention. They (Nokor) claim the rocket launching as heading to space (for satellite whatever) but US says otherwise. I don't blame the US and JP (and the rest of the world) to be doubtful knowing NoKor's missile testing two years ago. It concerns me because of the impact it will lead to.

Another WW brewing?


On another note, I was in Shinjuku earlier for some shopping (because I do think my wardrobe needs some upgrade -- now that it's Spring). Regardless of the 'rocket-launching' going on, which I apparently forgot about, I would still go there because I'm bored. From the crowd that met me in Zara, looks like I'm not the only one.


Nashe^ said...

Fattening you up for slaughter?? HAHAHAAHA!!! Sounds about true though... :D

You reminded me that I wanna watch The Shinjuku Incident movie.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

no wonder they approved of your vacation leave...they give you heaven for a few days and make you work like hell in a few weeks...tsk tsk tsk.

Casey McGill said...

I was worried about the "satallite launch" too! I'm glad everyone in safe. Hopefully you'll be able to read soon. I've finished two books this week (I obviously have a problem...) Jealous about the shopping!

The Demigoddess said...

HA! I can relate to you! After reading too much of Edward Cullen, some of my reports sounded archaic. Lol.

P.S. The verification image I got for this comment is "Shiphip". How hip is that?

nityamonto said...

how does Shinjuku look like? I've been longing for Japaan. );

amor said...

I searched for 'Shinjuku Incident' in Wikipedia. Thought it's a Japanese film..But anyway, quite interesting - Jackie Chan in drama(?)

haha, I knew there's some payback after the break.

*sigh* I'm glad nothing serious happened that would scar the world's perfect orb. Anyway, the JP government are up to something as defense..I have faith in their technology, lol.

haha, glad i'm not alone. But I suppose the need to read is calling me this weekend --- got nothing else in mind, lol.

Shinjuku is a huge ward. Anyway, there are quite a lot of wards in Tokyo but Shinjuku sums up everything. Universities, shopping district, gov't offices, restos, bars..It's one hell populated but hip place to do people-watching, lol.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...'s it going? are you back to work again? well, I know you're probably working your ass off by this time so please go to my blog I have a little something for you. mwah