Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did somebody press fast forward thrice?

In this side of the planet, it’s supposed to be Spring but the current temperature feels like Summer. I could very well remember that the last time I wore my puffer jacket was two weeks ago and now, flimsy clothing tops as a must-have in my wardrobe.

It’s like whatever transition that should take place never happened.

Though some expectations were met; like the cherry blossoms that sprouted like crazy, covering every park with pink or white --- that lasted for less than a week. A week after, everything has gone green-- which is normal for these flowers' lifespan is soo short that Japanese people celebrate it by holding picnics at the park. They call it ‘Hanami’ (read: flower viewing). They would spread blankets under the cherry blossom trees, gossiping, flirting, eating or drinking while appreciating the sight above. It’s more like a festival that those who are not prone to flu get to enjoy much.

Last April 04 was the highlight. That day, I think most people went to parks that left malls empty. In my case, I did not participate to any hanami (this year) because doing so is tantamount to suicide. Days prior to ‘the highlight’, pollens were tickling my nostrils --- that had me sneezing for the whole week. Boohoo.

Anyway, early Summer or not, the scorching heat is no stranger to me. Remember, I was born in the tropics --- where the temperature is insanely hot!

On the other news, my boss just approved my second set of home leaves. Yay!

P.S. Cebu, here I come!

P.P.S. My father has a Facebook account. I didn’t invite him, but I can’t ignore his invitation though.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

That hanami celebration sounds fun. What a sight those cherry blossoms must have been. Do take a picture for me. =)

It's freakin hot here in the Philippines too. Super! grrr..Thank goodness my a.c. is turned up to full blast at the office.

My mom wants me to make her a facebook account. lols...

Nashe^ said...

We didn't have cherry blossoms here, but we did have pink/white/purple flowers falling from trees around my campus! The grass all covered in little floweres... It was utterly pretty.

lainee said...

halu mor! :D hehe thanks. link your new url pod. I don't ramble too much na karon though.
btw, nibalik na pod tugnaw :( I liked the heat better.

ko0ty said...

The weather is all screwed up now because of global warming!

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

too bad I left Japan before the cherry blossoms appeared. :(
I'm gonna miss it.
Speaking of Summer... it is way too hot here. :D