Saturday, December 27, 2008

Plan B

Since yesterday was the last day of work for this year, I was excited over what to do and how to spend the next whole week of no-work days. I refuse to describe it as vacation though bec. it would have been more fitting to describe it that way if i were in Cebu. Nevertheless, self-pity has never been my favorite thing to do so let me proceed to Plan B.

Well, Plan B finally came to mind just a few days ago. The objective is to do something productive and not waste the nine days with just sleeping. I'm proud to say that at day one, i was able to accomplish my general cleaning chore! Day two (tomorrow), if the weather permits, will be book-shopping. It's about time i revert to hardcopies and make a collection out of it (just so to start my 'a-shelf-full-of-my-favorite-books' wish into effect).

I am now thinking of reading books written by Japanese authors. I am eyeing on reading Haruki Murakami's book, Norwegian Wood. I did some research in Wikipedia about the author (thought he is a she!? Japanese names still confuses me) and having read that he's quite famous for his work fanned my interest. So, yeah, I'm excited over my book quest tomorrow.

Speaking of books, I just finished reading Shock by Robin Cook. It was a page-turner until the last few pages (boo). Everything was great except the ending! In the last few pages, the bad guys (doctors of Wingate Clinic) are planning on destroying the evidence, fly off to some South American country and continue their ways of ovary-theft, cloning, and other weird ways for the sake of science advancement.
And the worst part is I (as the reader) have to formulate my own ending for the protagonists. Either they end up in a mental institution (for the lack of evidence) or killed before the weird doctors fled and took their ovaries (as if they had enough time for that knowing the authorities have arrived) or possibly, they were taken to some SA country before the weird doctors took their ovaries. But the last page implied the urgency for the weird doctors to flee thus a possibility for the two women protagonists to survive.

I give up. 

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