Saturday, August 30, 2008

this time, working on extra mass..

Lately, people (esp. T) observed that i lost some pounds. I don't really know where to start how it happened..well, I can see the factors causing it but never really thought that 'such things' can be better (and effortless) remedies for weight loss. Though I've been a Gold's gym regular on weekends, losing weight was secondary for doing so. Like I mentioned on my wish list, I'm working on (semi) Fergie abs. lol!
me, working on gaining weight before watching "The Dark Knight" (with T) in Ikspiari.

Possible cause no.(1) WORK. Let alone the pressure of Maliit. He allows me to shy away from eating. I think he sucked all the the best in me that (lately) caused me to second-guess in everything work-related I do. He is my Dementor. lol! The only consolation I tell myself that I'm not the only one who feels that way towards him (*sigh* Misery loves company). Maybe he's just one of those battles that I have to fight every single day.

Well, good news is that he'll be dispatched to site..and I have a feeling, he's still going to torture us since we have TV con every Thursday. Let's say, I must not get too giddy on his absence.

Possible cause no.(2) CANTEEN FOOD. No doubt I like Japanese food but face it, people have tendencies of getting too much when constant exposure beyonds the standard. The menu is like this: 3 set meals (that varies in yen price: 400, 500 and 600), spaghetti, curry meal, ramen, andsome assorted salads for side dish. I've tried all except the Ramen. Believe me, the smell and taste can just get too much. Not that it sucks, it's just like they say in Economics, 'the law of diminishing return'.

Not that I no longer take lunch, I have options. Either I take the 10 mins. walk to the nearest McDonalds, Doutor, or KFC, OR opt for bread or cookies that are being sold at the canteen.

Possible cause no.(3) STRESS. Now, it's showing on my face (hello pimples!) as well. *sigh* Maybe I think too much. Work thoughts often goes home with me. I know I should leave them everytime I exit the office but I guess, I took them too seriously.

Thank God for weekends! Without them, I'd be dead by now, lol! These are the only days that support my "substance" abuse (read: shopping). It's like my therapy session after a hell working week.

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