Monday, August 25, 2008

flight NW20

Yesterday afternoon, I was waiting patiently at Narita Airport's (Terminal 1) North wing arrival area for someone wearing a red shirt. That someone is no other than my dear hubby, T. The airport's list of arrivals said that NW20 will be arriving ahead schedule and since I arrived at the airport quite early, I decided to roam around, find something to eat, and continue with my read on Anne Frank.

After almost getting totally engrossed with my reading (since Anne was then narrating to Kitty *her diary's name* about her longing for Peter), I rushed to the north wing just in time for passengers to populate the arrival lounge. Scanning men wearing red shirts, I thought I might have missed T (and was probably looking for me as well). The long wait prompted me to wear my seldom-worn glasses that seem to be helping my vision but caused me a little headache.

Finally, I saw a
chubby guy in red polo shirt and jeans appeared at the opposite exit, and just like you see in movies, I hurriedly made my way through the crowd, hugged him and planted a small kiss (that missed his lips, and landed on the lower part of his cheeks, lol). The next thing I know was that we were filling each other with stories.
And as what I had planned days prior to his arrival (and for the first time in our marriage), I cooked a delicious dinner (a pork steak) for the both of us =D...then drowned ourselves with sweet red wine (w/ ice, lol!)

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