Friday, May 09, 2008

mane-purpose leave

i took a half day leave today just for the heck of it, hehe..seriously, i just want to avail all my remaining paid-leaves for reasons that i got bored (as always) in the office (even though i still have pending work). well the downside-slash-advantage(?) of it though was i spent the most afternoon at the mall and what else do you think happens when a girl (like me) had all the time in her hands..and having recently successfully(?) persuaded The Subsidiary of her rights, thus, the happy face perfectly plastered + quite a budget in her hands = S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G.! hahaha..

FIRST right after eating lunch, i made my way through Fix Salon to get my frizzy mane some hot oil treatment (i dunno if that's the right solution for my hair problem, nevertheless, i decided to pursue as planned). Though I have always been hesitant to go through the process for fear of making it worse instead of getting the desired results. Well, after some self-deliberation, I concede to the fact that my hair really needs professional help. Having read a lot of bad feedback from a forum about Fix Salon's poor customer service, I decided to try though. Lucky for me, there were not many queuing customers and i, actually, enjoyed their service (even sleeping in the middle of the session, lol!). Well I must not say it yet since THAT WAS MY FIRST TIME. Normally, one would have to pay more visits to come up with a sound conclusion. Though first bad impression in customer service do, more often than not, cause trauma, and i-won't go-back-there-for-the-rest-of-my-life vow is likely to happen. Glad, mine was not.

After my mane treatment which left me pretty satisfied, Topshop drained the budget!!=P

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