Wednesday, April 23, 2008

foolish games they play

The other day felt surreal. I mustered all courage to give up something for the benefit of another thing. Just after that, my mind went empty for some time and I was (like) filling it with work and pizza (funded by Nina) just to keep me from functioning the usual…not until, I arrived home. While lying in bed, I thought in profundity the EFFECTS of my decision to others. But then again, as what my father told me…that, (some time in life) we just have to face hard decisions. That’s life per se.

The aftermath was awkward. I could tell from ‘their’ emails to creasing forehead and too-familiar grimace the disappointment over my decision. I can take all that. Any person in their position would normally react that way. Thank God! today is better. I think they are slowly succumbing to reality.

In any case after this, I sincerely hope that they will understand (and get over with it!). Deep within, I am thankful (and I have expressed this many times to them directly) for everything.

....and yah, I'm fighting..

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