Tuesday, March 11, 2008

signs when homecoming is nearing

1.) A balikbayan box is evident in the corner which is still subject to various revisions should she forget anything important.

2.) Filthy room. never had the chance to tidy it up because almost always, something more important prevails.

3.) Everything is in chaos! Good that she can still find her comb. without it, hair is a disaster.

4.) Erratic behavior. One time, you'll see her uber-excited over something..then after some minutes, she's just mute without a care in the world.

5.) She makes the most of her internet knowing that she'll be having it cut effective April 1. BNTM and ANTM (and of course, AI7) became instant favorites.

6.) She cooks only on weekends provided she has the will to do so. If not, you'll see her devouring on McDonald's salad.

7.) Still hesitant whether to include chocolates in the bb box.

8.) She often stares at calendars.

9.) Boss is keeping her busy. lol!

10.) She craves siomai.

1 comment:

shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

ha! nagatan-aw diay kag AI7 pud!
ginabilaran na nako. balik balik tan-aw hehe

maayo pa ka hapit na uli...