Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life, tell me the ways how to live thee.

The pieces of this puzzle are pending completion...and its completion is unknown.

As an auditor of my life, i assume that it is, as per accounting parlance, a 'going-concern'. Like a business entity's ability to continue in operations as based on figures shown in the financial statements; the figures show no signs on foreseeable high risk of liquidation or closure. So is my take on life; I live in the present and whatever the future holds will be seen as something to look forward to, and not something to worry much. I choose to lessen the usage of worry. As a matter of fact, this realization grasped just recently. Of course, as notes are part of FS (Financial Statements), i will scribble some: (1) work on fergie abs, lol. (2) do something for charity (3) keep the good habits and dispose the bad ones....etc.

Not knowing my expiration; let me not rush. Life may be fleeting but 'rushing' disallows me to savor moments and appreciate surroundings. Just like food; if chewed slowly, allows us to relish its taste. My current pace is just the way i like it. Looking back, my teen years were OK (with typical angst, sharing time with Nancy Drew and the Wakefields), college life: just normal (favorite hangout: library! yey), post-college/adult life (drastic changes were/are visible, ex. waistline, lol). Married life --> soon to happen; motherhood: come what may.

Undaunted by death is what I'd like to believe but in all honesty, when is not I fear, it is more on how. Prolong agony hurts more, and so is a tragic horrible ending. Whatever the ending, it is beyond my control. My only consolation is to be remembered for living a meaningful life. Perhaps, the closest people can best attest the full meaning...while i felt it.

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