Tuesday, February 19, 2008

insomnia(c) attacks

In between insomnia and workaholism, I'm still alive...breathing. For three weeks straight now, I've been working hard for an average of 11 hours; not even the slightest Britney news or Oscars buzz avert my attention. Nor the office small talk (as always) is far from my concern. For some reason, I actually enjoy it.

With interest + determination = comes the sense of fulfillment. I feel most fulfilled when the papers I've been working were returned with seal of approval instead of comments. Honestly, I feel bad if the same comments keep coming back on my desk and worse is that, if they are (really) minor. Minor in the sense that its presence won't affect or alter or distort the whole idea (ex. margin..lol). Well my immediate superior is quite mindful with those minor issues and having been under his tutelage for quite a long time now, i am kinda aware of his tendencies; and knowing me, I won't take comments without explanation. Don't get me wrong though, I do welcome comments but if the same is repeated more than twice --- is tantamount to not learning from it.

As for the insomnia, i am still suffering from it. The causes probably range from afternoon caffe latte to bridal jitters(?!) Heard it right. The poverty of language is incapable of describing the exact emotional state i'm into now. I dunno if this is normal or am I being OA??

Don't tell me 'it's the latter'.

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