Monday, January 14, 2008


Just when I thought that Toby and I will not be able to accomplish everything as planned...ha! we did just fine. From legal requirements to the flowers (are all marked with check). *sigh* Our (extraordinary) efforts paid off, hehe..

Last night was the finale of our Pre-Cana seminar at Sacred Heart Parish. It lasted for 1-1/2 days. I felt no boredom at all (honestly!) because the discussions were interesting. All attendees were obliged (purely no exceptions) to participate that i felt like a student (again), being asked with questions..PERSONAL questions for that matter.

Several hours from now, Toby and I are scheduled for differing routes (LDR again!?). Come April, I'll be busier than ever!

i'd still be busy with work (imagine the pending i left) to do some printing (for the invites), shopping..and all the other 'ings to do. thought we're almost done..we're mid-halfway on the goal!?...i think.

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