Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reality check

Last night, I made a beeline to Fuji mart for some last-minute grocery shopping before heading home. While looking for bihon, "Auld Lang Syne" was playing in the air...then reality struck me that Christmas is nearly 3 months away. As if everything seem to have stopped, rather it was only me who froze by the thought of it not minding that the store was about to close anytime soon.

While searching for this song's lyrics, I just found out that (according to wikipedia):
"Auld Lang Syne (song)...In Japan and Hungary, too, it is used in graduation, and many stores play it to usher customers out at the end of a business day."
So that explains it!!! It is no way related that they are reminding customers that Christmas is approaching BUT reminding us to hurry..and leave! =P

Back to my upcoming Lonely Christmas drama: The thought of spending it all alone (fyi: for the 3rd time) saddens me. And like sprinkling salt to an open wound, New Year's eve will not be spared from my drama. Though I have, time and again, convinced myself that this type of situation is nothing new. Therefore, I should have gotten used to it by now. Still a cold night alone on the eve of 24th and sleeping early (which is unusual on pre-Christmas day), just to make it to work for the next day, is far from typical for any pinoy expat who values the homegrown traditions.

It's good to know that Dec. 24, 2007 is a holiday here so at least I can do a non-stop online chatting with cam. Hope that skype or yahoo will be stress-free or at least no-server down status at that time to give justice to my second best group-of-words for THAT day: 'non-stop' chatting with friends & family. This might sound impossible with their Noche Buena preparation and merry-making. Better for me not to put my hopes too high..

At present, i have no particular special plans on how to spend my Christmas. I reckon on doing something memorable. Tentatively, if time and the weather permits, I'd love to tour around Tokyo for the last time, take random pictures, freeze those images in my mind and dine somewhere fancy.

Solitary travels have become a passion for quite some time now. It defines 'me time' which i do most often and certainly, I feel no weirdness on the idea of being alone as a habit. It is in solitude that I get to know myself more. It is in solitude, that i find peace. My simple joys of watching Japanese people dressed in kick-ass clothing while strolling the long and wide streets of central Tokyo, Starbucks hunting (hehe), some little sum it all: i enjoy being alone. It is also in solitude that I get to discover and re-discover those hidden attributes. Attributes that were once a big part of my childhood and long buried.

If some circumstance prevents me from doing my plans, most probably it is due to something of high importance that requires my immediate action. The perfect example would be packing my things (Revision no. something-something), cleaning my room, and sorting which priceless clutter to be included in the Balikbayan box(!!)

Fret not, less than a month after that...home is no longer someplace i long to be..

P.S. Additional trivia for me!!! who knows, this might be the next winning question for "Game Ka Na Ba?"..

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