Friday, September 21, 2007

28 months ago

One cloudy, Saturday afternoon.
a gust of cold air breathe softly.
Beneath the large trees
that shield the concrete promenade,
in silence, two individuals strolled…

Involuntarily, their shoulders brushed..
Both said nothing and kept pacing..
Uneasiness as to the silence crept her..
Mentally sensing, he said something..
She listened intently..

They then followed a trail in the field,
that revealed grass untrimmed and withered
While she continued staring her strides,
He went on talking pensively..
confessed something..
a disclosure of hidden emotion.

Both feelings confirmed…
No promises affirmed..then

..and the rest is history.

the spark started, the flame is still luminous..needless to say, rarely ain't bright..but we store a whole lot of oil to sustain its glowing..Happy 28th monthsary T.!

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