Friday, September 07, 2007

1 hour flex

Just woke up got up from bed. I thought it was over but when i peeped outside, it was still raining sideways. In other words, the typhoon never left but is making lesser wheezing sounds compared last night. With that kind of weather, i am more inclined to rolling back to bed, curl beneath the sheet, and re-dream that (now) nameless dream i had earlier. I doubt if that's possible.

Currently, my alarm clock tells me that it's 8:04am. And based on my status above, I haven't done anything, relating to my usual routine like taking a bath and getting ready for the day. Instead, here I am chronicling the possible second 'flex hour' of my working life (the first was due to my alarm clock, failing to serve its purpose). Since i have been doing nothing except sticking my nose close to this lovely machine, I'll be late for work. I'm still thinking whether to use my bike for office or for safety reasons, i think, i ought to go there by bus. Either way, I'd still be soaking. But then, i'm still considering of using my bike today for I have plans of dropping somewhere after work.

I'd love not to report for work today but my conscience tells me that wouldn't sound professional. Others are having the same predicament as mine now yet they are probably on their way for office. *panics*

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