Saturday, May 26, 2007

shopping spree and a makeover

Since it was payday yesterday, I feel a little rich, hehe..

I went shopping. First stop was Akihabara. The place is known as the shopping district for electronics in Tokyo. I have always planned on buying a new camera to replace my 2 yr. old plus Sony P100. So, I went to two shops: Onoden and Laox. Knowing they are situated beside each other, I found out that their prices are the same. Thus, my shop preference would have to be limited to these two. To check for other shops will just consume my time.

After having a quick lunch and some contemplation at Yoshinoya, I went back to both shops and finally, settled for Onoden. I asked the salesgirl (from Onoden) if it's possible that she can provide me a discount since I would like (then) to purchase the Sony W80 cam and a Sony casing. She told me they are sold separately (which I know). Probably, she was not able to get my point. The Buyer in me persisted. She gave in, haha..I was delighted for I was able to persuade that woman and maybe, they are in dire need of more revenue.

Saw a band performing near the station.
Gotta love Yoshinoya for providing cheap affordable and yummy food!
and my new Sony W80.

Next stop, was Ueno. It was supposed to be a 'side trip'. I was doing what most girls love to do....window-shopping. Until I saw a store selling Havaianas. I decided to take a peek on the designs and found a Beige/Gold Metallic design which I love and without second thoughts, purchased it. That was a steal! The ones sold in Ito Yokado were more pricey than the Metallics I just bought.

my new Havs (Beige/Gold metallic)
I also bought these cheap sleeveless tops from Indio.

Still in Ueno, I went to Matsuzakaya to check on Clinique. This skincare brand received great reviews from internet forums that led my curiousity. As to where I currently reside, it's hard to find imported brands of cosmetics/skincare, for most have a local counterpart (Japanese women are fond of make-ups, no wonder they have a wide array of brands). One would have to go central Tokyo just to find them.

While at the Clinique counter looking at pressed powders, a salesgirl approached and told me to try them. I asked her few questions regarding make-up and she, on the other hand, playing her role and in spite of her limited English, did her best to answer. I noticed that there were some sales people giving sample makeover to some walk-in customers. I confessed to the friendly salesgirl that I don't know much about make-up and without shame requested her if she could give me some tips (read: free makeover). Immediately, she gestured me to follow her...and a big smile spread across my face.

She did a great job! It came out so light that I felt like not wearing something on my face. The powder she chose was just the right color for me that pretty hid my blemishes.

I'm not totally obsessed with make-up until I reached my later 20s (read: late bloomer). [Insert: minor flashback] Had a bad case of acne that practically conquered the most part of my face..almost entirely =( [end of minor flashback]. As a result, my face have marks that I've been working on getting rid of and I thank God for pressed powders, for providing temporary remedy.

Satisfied with the results, I purchased the Clinique powder. I'll be using it alternately with the Kose pressed powder that's been serving me good since February. Still, the Clinique gave me an impression to use it more often than Kose.
sales rep and me after the makeover.

My trip left me with aching feet and a headache. I was supposed to go to Shinzui park for the picnic but since I arrived past 6pm, I decided that it would be much better to go home and eat...and blog.

I love being a girl. =P

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