Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today would be his 3rd (consecutive) birthday without me =P

We were supposed to do a countdown before 12 strikes but unfortunately, the celebrant fell asleep while I was so busy calling him through Skype. Disappointed after numerous attempts of calling, I decided to give up and left him a birthday greeting. Still hoping for him to call back, I went on to do my Nihonggo homework, reluctantly. About 12:30am, I decided to call it a day.

Some 15 minutes have passed, T called me by phone and asked me to go on-line for a few minutes. I was a bit mad but decided to spare him from my cold treatment for it is his day, and do as I was told. While on cam, he was all smiles and told me to check outside for something that he asked to be delivered. So I did check, and was surprised to see a huge bouquet of roses! I thanked him (insert: teary-eyed expression) and felt guilty for being so mean earlier, hehe...and worse is that, I don't have a present for him. I'll make it up to him once I go back to Cebu.

The flowers I received from him.To whoever conspired with this surprise, many thanks from me.

Additional presents from my beloved, hehe...(it should've been me doing the giving)

I wish him all the happiness he deserves in life! XoX

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