Sunday, May 13, 2007

kissed by a rose

Yesterday, I was supposed to go swimming with Jhey but on the last minute, I YMed her telling that my lazy self won't get out from bed. So, I almost spent my Saturday at home until I remembered that I have to do some errands. First, I don't have water left on my container that will provide for next week, so to Ito Yokodao I went for refill. Second, my fridge is half empty. All there is left were eggs, some juice and yogurt (that's waiting to be consumed). Lastly, ever since transferred to Nishikasai office, I frequently pass by a park (two blocks away from my apartment) and just recently, I saw roses starting to bloom that led me to thinking that I must drop by to take pictures.

So, before I went to do my errands, I stopped by the park and arrived around 5:30pm, which was good for there were only a few people visible (read: no interruption from strangers, like being asked to take pictures of them..bad me).
Tomorrow (in the Phils.) will be the national elections, I just hope that everything will turn out right (yes, i'm hoping for the impossible).

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