Tuesday, May 08, 2007

dinner with Sushi

For no apparent reason, I decided to treat myself a sumptuous meal. That is, sushi!
I never really appreciated this food since I first tasted it but now, I can say it's bearable though won't still consider myself a fan. While navigating Seiyu for some take-out food, (for dear me was too tired to cook and starving!) and the thought of eating sushi became sooo much of an instant craving, I hastily grabbed the very first 'sushi-bento' that my weary eyes saw. The ones sold in Seiyu are not that expensive compared to those served in plush restaurants. Of course, the latter being marked up for service and ambiance.

The one thing I hate though was the wasabe inserted within. I can't bear it. 

The sushi-bento costs 600Yen (that is around 300php). A little pricey but for Japanese standards, it's not. 

One of my rules in life is that when it comes to food and life at stake situations (read: starvation), I would never negotiate and subject it to further analysis unless a better alternative is within reach. Besides, like i said, this was a craving and such act rarely happens in my case. 

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