Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last day at Work

Yesterday, 23rd June 2017, marked my last day with the Company. It had been four and half years of stress..but beautiful stress that contributed to my professional growth.

I was surprised to have not cried during the last day while giving my speech of farewell. Not because I cared less but because I had the whole month prior to grieve over everything. My notification was relayed a month before and the days after that, I found myself teary-eyed over almost anything that I would miss. 

My colleagues were nice enough to give me a card full of sweet messages.

The office.

With the women of Dynamic team

Equipment Purchasing

(Clockwise from left) Nakamura, Moriya, Kiyohara, Yamakawa, Ishitsuka, Yasu, Oomori, Makihara, Hijikata, Yang, Hiramatsu, me, Onozuka and Mizuno.

Outside work, I have taken a few photos of my neighbourhod. My home from December 2012 to 3rd July 2017.

My mama bike. Amber used to ride the backseat. Even without her, I still kept the backseat.
Speaking of the neighbourhood. It is typical quiet suburban, wherein you could barely hear any blasting music from neighbours. The buildings are old but the surroundings are made child-friendly with the presence of pocket parks and playground. 

Keiyo Line is the first train I hop on for trainhopping and the only line that leads me to work. 

Ginza, where I get a little relief from stress!

The iconic Wako building.

My home station, Inagekaigan.

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