Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Amber's Japan trip

Amber and T came to Japan just in time for the long Golden Week holidays. With the many activities we've done, which were next to perfection because everything went according to planned -- a rarity in life, I cannot go into great details to blog about it. Hence, i am posting only some. 

On the next day of their arrival, we went to Anpanman's Children Museum in Yokohama. This is as per Amber's request. It's amazing that she's still a fan, to think she left Japan a year ago at barely 3 years old. Even back in Cebu, she prefers to watch youtube videos of Anpanman & Friends. I was expecting she'll forget soon but well, she still holds them dearly along with the Frozen sisters. 

Day 3 was a Tuesday, so i decided to take a personal leave and spent it at Tokyo Disneyland with them. Amber's second and better than the first because she's older and got into more kid-friendly rides. 
Day 6 at Shinjuku Gyoen National Park. Her first jump shot! It took many takes but she understood the concept. 

Day 7 was spent at Fuji Shibazakura

Day 8 at Kawagoe, Saitama. This she didn't get to enjoy since she slept the whole time on her stroller while the accompanying adults were busy roaming around the narrow streets.
Day 9 at Ueno Zoo. Amber loves animals. Her favorites are the elephant and giraffe. She likes zebra, too. So while at Ueno zoo, we skipped the reptiles, nocturnes, and birds; and focused only on the major ones. 
Day 10 at Tokyo Skytree tower. Probably the tallest observatory we've been to looking over Tokyo. 
Day 12. Amber on board the Odaiba Giant Sky Wheel. She was brave enough to conquer the heights while I was gripping onto dear life. 
Enjoying her ice cream by the beach. The ice cream treat was getting seldom because of me. 
Day 13 at Tokyo Sea Life. T took her there while I reported to work. At her age, the sight of fish that many was awesome.
Amber, at 4, was such a trooper. I made sure her activities for the entire duration of her trip were educational and fun. She'll probably forget most when she gets older but the whole thing was for her to see the things she can't or won't experience back in Cebu. I do wish we had more museums and parks in Cebu for kids to enjoy.

I look forward to enjoying more time with Amber. The times and plans may change but i will always do my best to make time for her.

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