Monday, February 08, 2016

Five Random (vol.4)

(1.) Short hair. I have been doing this tradition (it started in 2015) of getting a haircut every new year and let it grow until a new year begins. It's fun because I can see how long my hair grows without any cut for a year, makes me look younger, and easy to maintain (a hand can be used as substitute for a comb). The downside though is my hair has a life of its own. Sometimes, it goes along with how I want it to and often, it goes in any ways.
(2.) The view of Mt. Fuji from the the south wing of the office.
(3.) Just finished Homeland Season 5. I have to say it got better ever since Brody died. My least favorite seasons were 2 and 3. Season 1 is nice but the best so far, is 5. Location was shot mostly in Germany, and the plot was good. It was reported that Season 6 will be shot in New York. (NY is kinda overrated).
(4.) I confess I love sneakers. Yes, at my age, I still prefer to wear sneakers when walking around or going out for an errand. With the many sneakers out there in the market, I love Adidas Stan Smith but with my small feet, finding my size (22) is quite a challenge. I got lucky to have found two and didn't think twice to buy them. I also like Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 and Nike Montreal, too. So, it comes as a no surprise if I wobble in high heels.
(5.) This is a new design of vending machine (though I'm pretty sure this was introduced a few years ago). Let it be known that vending machine is prevalent here in Japan. Very convenient and the fact that choices are many is just awesome.
I'm thinking of trying out every drink though that act is so not typical of me for I tend to be loyal with something (especially food) once I like them.
I might make a list of  anything about Japan. It's about time because I have been meaning to do so.

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